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Mission V: Lucky Coin Event
Posted on January 27, 2016 | 10:50

AirMu Lucky Coin Event

This events has 5 steps:


1.Collect 1020 lucky coin's = 5000 credits2


2.Collect 1020 lucky coin's = 5000 credits2


3.Collect 1020 lucky coin's = 5000 credits2


4.Collect 1020 lucky coin's = 5000 credits2


5.Collect 1020 lucky coin's = 5000 credits2


When you collected the coins post in forum via Server Events and one admin will give you the credits,there is no limit,

you cand collect as much as you want


You can collect all 5100 lucky coins and you can recive all the amount of credits2 in order to buy all the item's you desire


This event is active one week starting from today 27.01.2016 until 02.02.2016


Every week there will be one mission like this one!!!



By BLooD (Administrator)
Cash Shop&skills update
Posted on February 25, 2015 | 11:35
New download link add with cash shop update and some skills removed cooldown,download in order to buy from it,hope this will fix some issues

Best Regards,


By BLooD (Administrator)
Server Rate's Changed
Posted on September 28, 2014 | 11:10

Server rate's changed now you can mix and upgrade your items more easily,enjoy and soon new mission will be added with power items(sets,cash points,jwls etc..)

By BLooD (Administrator)
Download New Patch
Posted on August 28, 2014 | 23:49

Download Patch For client & BluScreen Error


By BLooD (Administrator)
Connecting Problem
Posted on July 9, 2014 | 21:06

For ppl's that have problem connecting to server because of MuGuard download from here Muguard Update!!!!




By BLooD (Administrator)
Ex 702 Officially Released.
Posted on June 26, 2014 | 00:23
We, the staff of AirMu Reborn, are glad to announce that the new season has been released. We had some issues at first but now the server work smooth.


We inform you that the database hasn't been damaged in any way, so there was no wipe. For any bugs found in-game please report them HERE.

Stay tuned for the upcoming events and Vote for the server every 12hours to bring new players in.

By BLooD (Administrator)
Posted on May 31, 2014 | 18:23
New guides have been added for new players:





 [Guide]Socket Slot Adder!

 [Guide]Harmony new options!

 [Guide]Lucky Items!

 [Guide]Talisman of Chaos Assembly!

 [Guide]WebShop Seeds!

By BLooD (Administrator)
Posted on May 30, 2014 | 19:06

All update records are posted on Forums, at News section.

You have the link below.


By BLooD (Administrator)
Server Information
Posted on May 21, 2014 | 18:56
Air-Mu Reborn Full Server Informations

General Server Information:

Server Name: Air-Mu Reborn
Version: Season 8
License: Mu Engine

Server Rates:

Exp: 9999x
Drops: 100%
Monster HP: 100%

Server Configuration:

Reset LVL: 400
Keep Stats: Yes
Maximum resets: 1000
Maximum stats: 32000
Reset Payment: 1 Chaos for reset in-game with command /rest OR 150kk Zen on website.
Pk Clear Payment: 1 Creation for /pkclear in-game OR 100k Zen for each kill you take, on website.
In items jwl of life ingame can be added max +16

Jewels %:

Bless(+0- +6): 100%
Soul(+0- +9 without luck): 90%
Soul(+0- +9 with luck): 90%
Life: 90%

Machine (+10/+11/+12/+13/+14/+15)%:

Normal items: 90%/80%/80%/70%/70%/70%;
Excelent items: 95%/85%/75%/70%/70%/70%;
Socket items: 

Items with luck have +50% increased chance.

Events information:

-Devil Square every 60 minutes. Drop: One Kundun appears at the end of event and drop acc and semi-fo exe.
-Blood Castle every 60 minutes. Drop: Mirror of Dimension.
-Chaos Castle every 60 minutes. Drop: Random jewels.
-Dopelganger/Mirror Event now adds 100 cash point/pc points after you complete it.
-Kundun spawn every 4 hours. One Kundun in Kalima 6 & Kalima 7. Drop: Acc items and semi-fo exe.
-Hatchery/Selupan every 60 minutes. Drop: semi-fo excellent socket items.
-Custom Events: Scrammble/ Bring/ PVP are done automatic by the server and reward Cash Points.
-Golden Archer Event. Gather Rena and exchange them for jewels at the Golden Archer in Lorencia coords: 176, 122.
-Delgado Event. Gather Lucky Coins and exchange them for exe random items at Delgado in Devias coords: 193, 14.

-Castle Siege is held every Saturday at 20:00 GMT+2 to 22:00 GMT+2.

Commands in-game:
/reset - Reset your character at the price of 1 chaos.
/freezen - will give you 1000000 zen
/clearmlskills name(name=name of your character) - Reset your skill tree. 
/pkclear - Clears your kills at the price of 1 creation.
/vault X - Open your X vault where X is a number between 1 and 5.
/buy vip X - Buy you VIP for X days at the price of 200 Cash Points for each day. Vip gives you aditional +50% exp, +40% drop and +10% Chaos Machine Rate.
Press X and enter X-shop, where you can buy pets, jewels, seals for Cash Points.
Press A and enter Skill Tree, after you completed your Master Quest.

Extra features found only at Air-Mu:

1. Regarding PVP:

-Complete new PVP system with new formulas for all classes;
-Master Level increased to 440 for a better PVP gameplay and also this allows you to complete your Skill Tree;
-Seeds work 100% as they should;
-Jewel of Harmony/ Yellow options have been increased. For example now Damage Decrese Increase is 11%, if your item is +15. This has been done to allow players to benefit from non-socketed sets as well;
-Acc sets can be bought from WebShop with excellent options. Now you can be a destruction master with those fancy acc options.
-Elemental System retail GMO

2. Credits/ Credits2/ CashPoints(W Coin)/ PcPoints(W Coin(P)).

Credits are used to buy anything you want from WebShop(check it out). Credits can be acquired through several methods:

-Grand Reset, at 100rr, awards 5000credits;
-Vote Reward, you can get up to 180 credits every 12h by voting;
-Monthly great forum events which award credits;
-Bonuses for different occasions.

Credits2 are simillar to normal Credits but they can be acquired only by donations. They have the same value as normal Credits, just that some items can be acquired only by Credits2 in WebShop, like Socket Slot Adder, Seeds, Talisman of Chaos Assembly, Talisman of Luck. Those items are just a small bonus for those who donate. Regular players can also get these items in-game, either from X-shop for Socket Slot Adder, Talismans or by creating them like seeds. So the donators don't have anything extraordinary!

CashPoints are used in X-shop and for buying VIP. Also you can buy Socket Slot adder which is very useful because you can't buy WebShop items with sockets. You can buy Season 4 items FO and use the Socket Slot Adder in-game bought with CashPoints. This has been done to combine the game features and WebShop features and to allow people to create a certain market for seeds/spheres.
CashPoints can be acquired through several methods:

-Online Trade for CashPoints, award 50credits for every hour you stay online. This is done automatic by the server;
-Custom Events(Scramble, Bring, PVP) award CashPoints;
-Doppelanger award 100 CashPoints for every party member;
-Trade CashPoints for players is available through Personal Store in-game.
PcPoints, as CashPoints are used in X-shop to buy some pets(Panda, Demon etc.) and some invitations. They are aquired from Costum Events(Scramble, Bring, PVP..etc). You may consider PcPoints a bonus, because you get them in the same time as you get CashPoints.
-Recive Pc Points from killing any boss and golden mob

3. Others:

-Class Change can be done on website with 5000credits;
-Name Change can be done on website with 5000credits.

Air-Mu Team hope that you will enjoy the server as much as we do. We work hard to sustain the server and offer the players a bugless server. Any bugs found shall be reported on the Bug Tracker Section or reported to a staff member.

We promise you a stable server, long-term and entertaining, bring your friends here, help us grow and become part of our community.

Sincerely, AirMu Staff!
By BLooD (Administrator)
Fresh Database 20.05.2014
Posted on May 19, 2014 | 19:48

A new era has begun. Air-Network has come with a new challange, more fun and better gameplay. With new experienced Admins, we deliver you the Air-Mu Reborn with a FRESH DATABASE. Stay tuned to see the new challanges that we provide.

#Air-Mu Network.

By BLooD (Administrator)
Our TeamSpeak Server
Posted on April 7, 2013 | 20:59

We anounce that we have opened a Teamspeak 3 server to talk with your friends.

To request a guild channel post on forums.

To join our teamspeak server use the adress "airmu.ro".

Have Fun!


By BLooD (Administrator)
Voting multiple accounts ban!!!!
Posted on January 29, 2013 | 17:56

Voting with multiple accounts will result in ban ip and account delete!!!

By BLooD (Administrator)

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